Cost Savings

Financial Analysis Calculator Helps Hospitals Assess Cost Benefit of SpHb®

To help hospitals identify what the opportunity impact and cost savings are for their own SpHb implementation, Capgemini, a leading supplier of global consulting and technology services, conducted a financial analysis of how hospitals incorporating Masimo rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry into its clinical standards and care pathways could generate net annual cost savings and financial gains. The Capgemini analysis outlined the financial benefits that could be derived from incorporating SpHb, including helping clinicians prevent unnecessary blood transfusions, identifying internal bleeding earlier, and increasing patient throughput. It concluded that "whether considered on a per-patient, department, or hospital-wide analysis, there are significant clinical and financial benefits to implementing Pulse CO-Oximetry technology." A customized financial analysis based on a hospital's own inputs has been updated with the latest SpHb pricing and is available here.

SpHb Capgemini